JinkoSolar Tops Premium Market in 2022: A Look at the Solar Giant's Success

The solar industry has seen impressive growth in recent years, with companies vying for the top spot in terms of shipment and efficiency. In 2022, JinkoSolar emerged as a leader in the field, ranking as the second-largest solar module producer and the top provider of N-type products.

According to data from PV-info, JinkoSolar delivered over 44GW of solar modules in 2022, including a remarkable 10GW of its N-Type TOPCon Tiger Neo series. The company's performance in the N-type premium market was particularly noteworthy, outpacing its rivals and securing its position as the global leader in this sector.

JinkoSolar's 101% jump year-on-year can be attributed to its wide range of advanced N-type panels, most of which perform exponentially better than its Tiger Neo counterpart. The ultra-premium N-type TOPCon segment saw significant growth, driven by strong demand in key regions such as Europe, China, Australia, Latin America, and the Middle East and North Africa.

The success of JinkoSolar's N-Type Tiger Neo panels was a major contributor to the company's growth in the premium market, accounting for nearly 25% of N-type sales volume in the ultra-premium segment. The future looks bright for N-type products, as the premium market across the globe holds huge potential and is expected to continue growing, driven by upgrades and increased demand from customers with large P-type installed bases.

JinkoSolar's performance in 2022 is even more impressive given the new second-generation Tiger Neo panels, which boast increased power and efficiency (up to 23.23%) and a lower temperature coefficient (-0.29%/℃). With these advancements, we can expect to see JinkoSolar continue to lead the charge in the premium market in the years to come.